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Moving from field teaching to student teaching

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Welcome back, EduMagicians. Today, I am sharing some tips and strategies to help you get ready for student teaching-learning from the experience you have had in a short-term field experience. I share four main ideas to keep in mind when moving from a shorter-term (fieldwork) placement to a longer-term (student teaching) placement. This could look like for some of you going from a clinical one experience to a clinical two or from fieldwork to student teaching.

However you frame it, I have four strategies to keep in mind: building relationships, finding your teaching voice, getting all the things organized, and self-care! Here we go!

Some of my favorite takeaways:

  • Professional email tips

  • Conversation starters to think about when you are meeting your co-op

  • Build relationships with your co-op, admins, and of course, your students!

  • Document connections with each student in your class - so every student gets some of your attention

  • Observe others!

  • Document your learning

  • Future Teacher planner to get yourself organized

  • Office lens app

  • Tools to help you create digital activities - edulastic, teachermade, and wizer.

  • Start your day with the intention

  • Track your learning goals!

  • Take care of yourself!

Resources mentioned in this episode

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