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New Teacher 2 Twitter Guest Moderator reflections

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Guest post by Lexi Funderlich

On April 28, Jordyn and I had the pleasure of co-moderating the #nt2t twitter chat. We received this opportunity when one of the main moderators reached out to Jordyn and she then asked me. To begin this process we picked a topic and then chose a theme. While looking at previous #nt2t chats, we saw holidays and I got the idea of looking up the national holiday for our chat. National Super Hero day was the perfect fit, since all teachers are Super Heroes!

Jordyn, the brains behind all of the questions, and, I, created question cards, we were the perfect team. I love the tool Canva and could not resist using it here! That was roughly two weeks in advance. The day before the chat, Jordyn and I got together and scheduled our tweets, set out notifications using TweetDeck. We decided that Jordyn would send out the question cards and I would retweet them and send out countdowns to the tweets.

The twitter chat was such a fun experience! We had people tuning in from not only the United States, but Germany and New Zealand as well! Learning strategies and tools was my favorite part of the chat. The biggest take away I feel was not to create assessments for grading, but to help students achieve a mastery level of learning.

Jordyn and I highly recommend co-moderating a twitter chat if you are interested in building your PLN! #nt2t would love to have guest moderators. 

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