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New Teachers Shine On with Hannah Sansom

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Today I'm here with Hannah Sansom, a co-author of EduMagic Shine On: A Guide for New Teachers (coming out Nov 26!), teacher rockstar, former student, and fourth-year, third-grade teacher. During today's conversation, Hannah and I discussed returning to school, getting an advanced degree, and balancing everything. She also shares advice for new teachers! Let's get to it!

New teachers, you are not alone!

At first, Hannah wanted to become a chef, but after researching and shadowing, she decided that was not what she wanted to do. She loves what she does today, working with third graders in her hometown. She teaches third-grade math and has been in the same school for the past four years. Each year she has learned something new about herself as a teacher and person.

What have you learned about yourself during your fourth year?
  • It's ok to have fun with the kids

  • Be yourself

  • Kids need YOU to be YOU!

  • It's OK to change what you are doing as long as it is right for your students.

What is an area that you weren't expecting as a new teacher?

The hardest area is the baggage that comes with teaching. Each student comes into your classroom with a story (some have a heartbreaking story), and it can be hard to relate to your students. You need to be there for your students.

Going back to school while teaching - how was that ride? What advice do you have for others who want to pursue an advanced degree?

It was challenging balancing school, family, and coursework. I am so glad that I accomplished this goal. Some advice:

  • Do your research about the college/university

  • There are so many options today to get your degree: online, hybrid, face to face

  • Inquire if your district will help to pay for your degree

  • Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

  • What areas are you passionate about in your teaching career?

  • Ask your peers who went back to school and see what advice they have

  • Get your planner with due dates, and projects, meet with group members, etc. Put that information in right away! Prioritize the list!

  • Be ok with being prepared as much as you can for your day-to-day teaching.

  • You need to have a life outside of school. Put on your calendar time to be with family and friends.

Share about the passion behind EduMagic Shine On

We all have four different stories about our first years of teaching. We have tips, strategies, checklists, and more embedded within the book. We share the importance of having a support system and mentor. It is important for our readers to know that they are not alone. You will have days where you wonder, "Is this what I signed up to do?" or days that are incredibly affirming in your career. It is a guide for new teachers, but for any teacher because we always need to be reminded that we can find inspiration and our support system.

What is your favorite chapter?

It would have to be the "I" inspiration chapter - it was such a bright chapter to write. Writing and sharing about those who have been there through the ups and downs. I am grateful and thankful for those I work with daily - students and colleagues!

One piece of advice for new teachers
  • Take a breathe

  • Find a way to get energized

  • You will make it through

  • Stay humble

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