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Praxis Prep Part 1 - preservice teacher perspective featuring Jordyn Pistilli

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Today I have Jordyn Pistilli, a recent graduate and Praxis test taker! During this episode, she will be sharing some tips and tricks for registering for the exam, preparing for the exam, technology preparation, and tips for test day! Let's jump right in.

What is the Praxis?

A three-part exam that is required for licensure and certification of teachers. It is run by ETS.

Online Praxis disclaimer

In compliance with Praxis and ETS guidelines, as someone who has already taken a Praxis test, I'll only be sharing insight about my experience registering and preparing for my test and won't be sharing any information about my specific test or scores.

Download this tip sheet!

Praxis 101 prep pdf
Download • 35KB

  • Doing this properly is essential to ensure you are not charged incorrectly. As we all know, these tests can be on the pricey side. 

  • First and foremost, ensure the specific Praxis test you need to take is offered online at home. Also, confirm that your technical equipment meets the specifications. Check it out here:

  • If changing from a previously scheduled in-person test to an online at-home test, consider calling the ETS customer service number to ask a representative to add a link to your ETS Account. This link will be added and emailed to you, enabling you to reschedule your in-person test for an at-home test free of charge. 

  • You'll register through ETS but select your testing date/time through ProtorU, an independent testing service. 

  • Once you've scheduled your testing date/time, it's always a good idea to ease your nerves by checking your equipment through ProctorU. If using Google Chrome, be sure that the latest version of the ProctorU extension is added.

  • Be wary of online Praxis practice services offered by various teacher prep websites.

  • The only true and trusted info is through ETS, the makers of the Praxis.

  • You can purchase study materials through their site when registering for your test. Personally, for around $20, I purchased a full-length (120 questions) Praxis 5081 test.

On Test Day
  • An hour or two before your test, double-check your equipment. Run an equipment check through your account homepage on ProctorU to ensure you're ready to go and put your mind at ease. 

  • Prepare your testing environment. Remove electronic devices not permitted on your test and ensure you have an utterly cleared-off desk. Clutter-free desk, clutter-free mind! I'd recommend facing a bare wall.

  • Your proctor will ask to be shown your surroundings before you begin your test. If you are allowed an erasable whiteboard and marker to take notes, have that sitting next to your computer easily accessible, the proctor might ask to see it. Let your family/friends and anyone else within the setting where you're taking your test know that you'll likely be unavailable for several hours. Maybe place a "do not disturb" sign on the door leading to your testing room/location. Remember to have sufficient lighting in your testing room. Make sure your computer camera is not obscured.

  • Once your testing time arrives, you'll navigate to your test through ProctorU. Now here comes my most significant piece of advice. BE PREPARED TO WAIT. You can't begin taking your test until you've been connected with a proctor. This could take anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour.

  • During this waiting time, you and your screen will be recorded, so you are to sit there in silence. I was unaware of this on my testing day, so having to sit and wait for almost an hour increased my testing anxiety. I want you to know so you can be more prepared than I was. 

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