Praxis Prep part 2 - student success coordinator perspective featuring Teresa Gibbons

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

In part 2 of this series, I interview Teresa Gibbons who shares information about the praxis and resources to help you prepare! Teresa is a student success coordinator at the Center of Excellence, Academic Advising, and Student Services at Spadoni College of Education at Coastal Carolina University. Teresa assists students with preparation for Praxis and works with underrepresented students. Let's get into it!

What is the Praxis?

The praxis is a three-part exam that is required for teacher licensure. It is a series of exams offered by ETS. Each state has different scoring procedures so you will need to look at your own state to know what you need to score on each exam.

  • Praxis I - general content knowledge and has math, reading, and writing portion. Usually, take this during your freshman or sophomore year of college.

  • Praxis II - specific content knowledge. Typically it is before your student teaching or internship experience.

  • Praxis III - full licensure exam based on theory and practice, often referred to the PLT (principles of learning theories).

Preparation for success for taking the Praxis online
  • Similar to how you take the exam at a testing center

  • Double-check if you are exam is offered online

  • Only the most common exams are offered online

  • The test is the same as you would take face to face

  • Take it in a room that you can close and lock the door

  • Must have a computer that meets the technology requirements - do a 360 view so the proctor can see the exam.

  • Must show proctor where you are taking the exam.

  • You are allowed to have scratch paper, whiteboard, or a sheet paper in a page protector.

Preparation for success for taking the Praxis online

Mindset for success
  • Get a goodnight's rest

  • Prepare for the test

  • Eat something before you take the test


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