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Ready for grad school?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Welcome back, EduMagicians. Today I am with me, Becca Maddas. We are discussing the wonderful world of grad school in this episode! Becca begins by sharing her teaching story and how she was prepared for many educational opportunities in the field. During this episode, Becca shares tips for finding a good match when pursuing a master's degree, application tips, how to fund your schooling, how to take the lead in your degree, and build relationships with faculty as partners in your education. Here we go!

Why should we puruse a Masters Degree?
  • In some states, like PA, you must have continuing professional development.

  • The field is constantly evolving!

  • Life-long learning - your success is your student's success!

  • Growth in your career goals

  • Student mindset!

Where do you start to find a good match?
  • Allow enough time to search.

  • Look at the application deadline.

  • Do your research!

  • Cast a wide net in your search

  • Contact individuals who have attended the school

  • Visit campus

  • Orientation or prospective student days

  • Prepare your pathway now

Found a school to apply to - now what?
  • The application deadline is ready to roll!

  • Plan the interview that goes with your grad school application

  • Dress professionally

  • Get your resume and cover letter ready

  • Ask for letters of recommendation early or references

I'm now! Now how do I get funded?
  • Student loans

  • Scholarship opportunities

  • Graduate assistantships

  • Sometimes the school where you work would help you pay for your coursework.

How to lead during a graduate degree?
  • More than just taking a course

  • Get involved on campus

  • Take advantage of seminars and professional development

  • Connect with faculty

  • Find opportunities to lead during your degree

  • Invest in your learning!

  • Participate in research

  • Mentor others!

  • It's a collaboration relationship.

  • Gaining more knowledge and experiences

  • They are partners in your education

Resources mentioned in this episode

EduMagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers

Connect with Becca Maddas

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