Real Talk about Time Management Book Review

Hello friends,

If you know me then you know that I'm all about getting time back in the day and using my time productively. I use strategies such as calendar blocking, scheduling in everything, using calendars, and setting reminders. I'm always looking to inform my practice and share what I know with the future teachers in my life. So, when Corwin provided me with the book, "Real Talk About Time Management: 35 best practices for educators" written by Serena Pariser and Edward Deroche I had to check it out!

First, let me say that I enjoyed the ease of this book. Pariser and Deroche provided real examples, practical advice, and resources every step of the way. I particularly enjoyed the questions and activities at the end of each section. The authors divided the book into four sections and provided several time management strategies into each section. I am going to share a few of my favorite strategies from each of the sections.

Section 1- Time management mindset

Strategy 6 -Am I scraping the right car?

  • be intentional with the time you have at school

  • build relationships with students

  • prepare for lessons

  • get ahead as much as you can

Strategy 7 - Watch your water cooler

  • Be mindful of your energy leaks

  • Don't overcommit to things

  • Don't multitask

  • Bring healthy snacks and lunches so you stay energized throughout the day

  • Check your email 2 or 3 times a day and schedule it!

Section 2 - Planning

Strategy 12 - Meetings

  • Two types of meetings - formal and informal

  • formal meetings have agendas to keep on task and focused

  • share necessary action steps

  • informal meetings are called for a specific purpose

  • be intentional with your time at informal meetings.

Strategy 15 - cellphones, emails, and social media oh my!

  • no multitasking friends!

  • select a time to check email, social media, and text messages

  • set aside time to answer email messages thoughtfully

Section 3 - At School

Strategy 19 - Group work

  • consider how you will group the students prior to the lesson

  • arrange classroom space so it is conducive to class group work

  • give out roles

  • use a rubric to assess participation

Strategy 28 - Have a system with email

  • set up boundaries for email response times and turn around and let people know of your boundaries

  • flag email messages that you can't get to yet so you can return them later

  • some emails are better answered in a text, direct message, or phone call so try that

  • filter messages or organize them into folders in your email provider.

Section 4 - At home

Strategy 31 - Taking care of yourself

  • self-care is critical it includes exercise, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating healthy

  • emotional needs are met

Strategy 33 - Enjoy time with after school and on the weekend

  • use this time to recharge

  • enjoy an activity

  • unplug from technology

  • this benefits you, your family, and your students.

Friends these are just a few strategies laid out in "Real Talk About Time Management: 35 best practices for educators" written by Serena Pariser and Edward Deroche. To see the other strategies pick up your copy today! IT comes in ebook and paperback.

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