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Real Talk about Time Management Book Review

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Hello friends,

If you know me, then you know I'm all about spending time in the day and using my time productively. I use strategies such as calendar blocking, scheduling in everything, using calendars, and setting reminders. I'm always looking to inform my practice and share what I know with the future teachers in my life. So, when Corwin provided me with the book "Real Talk About Time Management: 35 best practices for educators" by Serena Pariser and Edward Deroche, I had to check it out!

First, let me say that I enjoyed the ease of this book. Pariser and Deroche provided real examples, practical advice, and resources every step. I particularly enjoyed the questions and activities at the end of each section. The authors divided the book into four sections and provided several time management strategies for each section. I am going to share a few of my favorite strategies from each of the sections.

Section 1- Time management mindset

Strategy 6 -Am I scraping the right car?

  • be intentional with the time you have at school

  • build relationships with students

  • prepare for lessons

  • get ahead as much as you can

Strategy 7 - Watch your water cooler

  • Be mindful of your energy leaks

  • Don't overcommit to things

  • Don't multitask

  • Bring healthy snacks and lunches, so you stay energized throughout the day

  • Check your email 2 or 3 times a day and schedule it!

Section 2 - Planning

Strategy 12 - Meetings

  • Two types of meetings - formal and informal

  • - have agendas to keep on task and focused

  • and shared necessary action steps

  • . Informal meetings are called for a specific purpose

  • ; be intentional with your time at informal meetings.

Strategy 15 - cellphones, emails, and social media. Oh my!

  • No multitasking, friends!

  • select a time to check email, social media, and text messages

  • set aside time to answer email messages thoughtfully

Section 3 - At School

Strategy 19 - Group work

  • consider how you will group the students before the lesson

  • arrange classroom space, so it is conducive to class group work

  • give out roles

  • use a rubric to assess participation

Strategy 28 - Have a system with email

  • set up boundaries for email response times, and turn around and let people know of your boundaries