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Revolutionize Your Teaching with Curipod: An AI-Powered Presentation Tool

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Revolutionize teaching with curipod
Revolutionize teaching with curipod

Welcome to the Edumagic New Educator Podcast, the perfect show for new educators embarking on a thrilling journey from campus to the classroom. Your host, Dr. Sam Fecich, will provide you with motivation, guidance, and effective tactics, one cup of coffee at a time.

In this episode, Dr. Sam Fecich presents an amazing tool named Curipod, which AI powers. She explains how it can transform your preparation for presentations and the process of formative assessment.

Getting Started with Curipod:

The first step is to visit and sign up for a free account. Curipod provides a free forever plan, which features a thousand-character AI feedback, email and chat support, infinite Curipods, and limitless participants, making it ideal for educators.

Navigating Curipod:

The Curipod platform offers multiple options such as "Enter Pin" for student presentations, "Discover" for exploring community-created presentations and search by grade, language, and category.

Creating Engaging Lessons:

Curipod makes lesson creation easy. Start with an activity or full lesson and use Curipod to generate slides. Dr. Fecich demonstrates how to transform a PDF into separate slides.

Formative Assessment and Feedback:

Curipod excels in formative assessment and feedback. Dr. Fecich details activities to enhance presentations: polls, word clouds, drawings, open-ended questions, and personalized feedback.

Customizing Your Presentation:

Curipod provides various customization features, such as adding text, media, stickers, shapes, and changing slide backgrounds. It also allows content translation into different languages.

Presenting and Collecting Data:

You can invite your students to join your presentation by sharing a unique link or code. You can add questions and activities in real-time during the presentation to keep your students engaged. After the presentation, you can conveniently gather and review student responses and data.

Curipod is an effective tool to help educators create dynamic and interactive presentations that capture students' attention and interest.

Screenshot of Curipod
Screenshot of Curipod

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