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Using Artificial Intelligence Infused EdTech Tools to Engage Students

Updated: Mar 5

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AI infused edtech tools

Are you ready for an exciting episode about the magical world of artificial intelligence (AI) in education? Today, I will take you on a journey through three extraordinary EdTech AI-infused tools that can transform how you engage your students in learning. Buckle up, and let's dive in!

Introducing Diffit: Tailored Leveled Resources at Your Fingertips

Diffit is a tool that generates tailored content based on the topics you provide, making it easy to create leveled resources. Select any topic or article or upload your text with a free account. Then, select a reading level ranging from 2nd to 11th. Diffit Diffit will generate a reading passage on the topic, listing sources it drew information from. You can edit the content, add vocabulary words, and customize the questions for a fully adapted reading experience. Diffit allows you to generate short answers, multiple choice, critical thinking questions, vocabulary lists, and summaries of your text. You can easily integrate your content with Google Docs or Google Forms.

Goblin Tools: Unleashing Task Management Magic

Goblin Tools is a task management platform that transforms mundane tasks into an enchanting experience. With Goblin Tools, you can break down tasks into smaller, more manageable steps, making it an excellent tool for educators and students. Imagine a cute goblin helping you sort through your to-do list. Need to write a five-paragraph essay about coral reefs? Goblin Tools helps with instruction; it makes smaller subtasks, providing estimated time and detailed instructions. This AI tool is a spellbinding solution for boosting executive functioning skills and planning. The magic doesn't stop there. Goblin Tools also features the Compiler, where you can gather your scattered thoughts and turn them into organized on.

EduAid: Your Personal A; EduAidng Assistant

EduAid offers specialized activities that are aligned. Create gamification, discussion, reflection, and exercise competitions tailored to the framework. EduAid provides enrichment activities, matching questions, and more to meet diverse student needs. It's like having a treasure trove of engagement ideas in your hand. EduAid's gamification features include:

  • Bingo-style activities

  • Think-Pair-Share exercises.

  • Infusing fun into lessons while promoting deep thinking and collaboration—eduAid streamlines lesson planning with tools to create rubrics, lesson plans, and unit plans.

Embrace the AI Revolution and Transform Learning

These tools aren't here to replace educators; they're here to amplify your superpowers and create engaging, tailored learning experiences for your students.

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