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Senior Year: It’s Getting Real

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Congratulations, edumagicians! You are on your way to great places! This year is exciting as you complete your student teaching and start the job hunt! Take it all in the experiences and stories while teaching and questions and feedback of interviews. Student teaching offers ample opportunities to grow and learn. Be a sponge and learn from others! Keep a record of daily takeaways and intentionally reflect on the learning process. Check out this EduMagic Podcast episode to learn about the First Day of Student Teaching.

Student teaching can offer some insight into networking within the field of education. Of course, your PLN is also an excellent source for making those connections. Read more about the power of your PLN in these two resources:

Job fairs are also a phenomenal place to network while building interview skills. This is the year to invest in a suit and attend job fairs. Check out these resources before attending your first fair:

Student teaching and job fairs are two essential experiences of senior year. Another highlight of this milestone is….drumroll….INTERVIEWS! Interviewing brings many questions, and many preservice teachers ask for the latest tips and tricks. Check out all you need to know about interviewing:

There is much to think about and prepare for during this year of your undergrad. Get your complete list of junior education major tips in the soon-to-be-published EduMagic Planner. Sign up here to get all the details about its release. In the meantime, check out these tips for education majors and new teachers. Happy teaching!

Let your EduMagic Shine!

Hannah Sansom and Sam Fecich

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