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Setting Boundaries as a New Teacher

It's that time when things get busy around the school. There are committees, volunteer opportunities, and professional development - more and more demands on your time. With this teaching climate, we may not have preps as we had before or feel the stretch from all the tasks put upon us.

In this podcast episode, my co-authors Kevin Leichtman, Ph.D., Dr. Matt Rhoads, Casey Jakubowski, Ph.D., and I share ways to set boundaries as new teachers. We dive into why it's essential to set boundaries and how you can set them in a realistic way that is respectful and powerful. What I enjoyed most about this episode was that it is timely for new and veteran teachers. We may be in new seasons of our lives, and we must set boundaries around our time and protect it. Sometimes, it's easier said than done. This episode is jam-packed with tips and strategies that you can put into place right away.

We each share one of our best tips for setting boundaries, including

  • Less is more mindset

  • Create a not to do list

  • Let people know about your boundaries and follow through with them

  • Don't feed the stray cat

  • Leave on contract time

  • Find out who you are outside of your profession

  • Don't bring homework home start with one day a week and see if you can make it to three days a week

This podcast episode is just a tiny snippet of what we discuss in our new book, Crush it from the Start: 50 Tips for New Teachers, coming out on Oct 17, 2022. To keep in the loop and to join our launch party sign up for the waitlist here. In this episode, we also share a few of our favorite tips and what we enjoy most about the book. So, make sure you sign up for the waitlist.

What are some ways you set boundaries around your time? Share your tips below.

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