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How Does STEM Day Bring Fresh Perspectives to the Classroom?

Last Friday, I had the honor of taking five preservice educators with me to Moniteau during their STEM Day event. The preservice teachers demonstrated technology to students and teachers in grades 1st through 6th. Six stations were planned and demonstrated simultaneously. Students were able to attend three sessions out of the six. They rotated every fifteen minutes to a different station where they engaged and learned about a STEM topic. During each station, the teachers discussed career connections that could be made if you use specific tools. For example, at the canva station, we talked about graphic designers. 

 Throughout the day, we heard comments such as, "This is so cool!" and "Whoa! Look at this!" Students were engaged with their stations and enjoyed exploring the tools provided. It was such a fun day led by preservice teachers. A special shout out to Monitaeu for letting us visit and share these tools with you! Also, Lorraine Schaffer and Cody Whitton for planning this amazing day for students and teachers. We can't wait to partner again next year! 

The SWAY document below contains descriptions of the technology tools demonstrated by preservice teachers. Enjoy! 

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