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Take your EdTPA from "Meh" to "Marvelous" featuring Kali Thompson

Updated: Mar 14


Welcome to 2020! I have had many listeners message me asking when I am doing an episode on the EDTPA. Well - you've asked for it, and it's here! Today I have them with me; Kali Thompson she is going to share some tips and strategies to help your EDTPA experience go from meh to marvelous! Let's get started!

Before we get started, bookmark these links:

The ins and outs of the EdTPa

  • 4 sections in elementary (3 sections of reading and one section for math)

  • 3 sections in the middle and high

  • Sections are divided into planning, delivery, and assessment

  • During the planning sections: review your lesson plans and upload it in the format suggested by EDTPa. Reflecting on what you put into the lesson plan and why you developed it that way.

  • The teaching process is reflecting critically on your teaching delivery, methodology, and pedagogy. This is where you reflect upon the video that you recorded and submitted.

  • Assessment - Must provide a pre and post-assessment piece. Analyzing growth and data.

  • The math section puts all three of these pieces together into one area.

  • Overall, you need to think and analyze critically throughout the teaching process, from planning to reflection.

  • Have a binder or journal to organize your field notes

  • Document it all!

  • Only use documents you have permission to use

  • Mark out names

  • Permission to use student video, work, and pictures

    • Reflect on a higher level. Some suggestions:

    • What were the objectives? Did my students reach these objectives? How do I know this?

    • Were they engaged in learning? How do I know this?

    • If I were to repeat this lesson, what would I do differently?

    • Which pedagogy was demonstrated? Why did it work? Why did it not work?

    • What is something interesting during this lesson?

Video recording tips

How can Nearpod help with my EdTPA?

It is a student engagement platform that you can use to embed activities, videos, virtual field trips, assessments, and more! Nearpod opens the door to help assess by keeping track of your reports and progress along the way for each student. You can document growth and differentiate a lesson for students!

Kali is passionate about education, technology, and people. She is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia College of Education.

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