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Teachers and their stuff!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022


I am so pumped to introduce you to Amanda Jeane Reichert, @AmandaJeane2. She is a fantastic educator who is always working to impact students and raise the next generation of educators. Miss Reichert is a fourth-year teacher, tech innovator, and self-proclaimed future Jedi.

Amanda was gracious enough to join me for my student teaching practicum, so here is a sneak peek into the practicum class. During this class, she shared her list of 5 student-teaching essentials! Let's dive in!

Head to for Amanda's PowerPoint and details for the giveaway!

Five student teaching essentials!

1. Stuff

All teachers need THINGS. It is important thing to have what you need and for it to function well. Here are some of my favorite items. Click them to link to Amazon Smile.

2. Online Presence
  • Google Yourself

  • Build Your Online Presence

  • Create an Online Portfolio

  • Create an Ed Twitter Account

  • Collect pictures and artifacts as you student teach! Then when you’re done applying for jobs, you have everything you need.

3. Planning

  • What kind of planner are you?

  • Well, if you don't know now, you’ll know after student teaching!

  • The biggest decision to make now is if you are a PAPER planner or a DIGITAL planner.



Bonus! One Page Lesson Formats! These are a MUST! TPT List Start with a few Free options, decide what works best, then MAKE YOUR OWN

4. Be a Person
  • Be sure to plan a weekly activity with nothing to do with school.

  • Being a well-rounded person is an important part of being a good teacher.


  • Yoga, Running, Exercise

  • Art, Paint, Pottery

  • Book Club

5. Develop Professionally

Be active with your professional development. Here are things you should do/try:

  • Attend a Conference for something you're interested in

  • Be part of a PLN

  • On Twitter and Facebook, you can be part of groups of educators who chat

Head to for Amanda's PowerPoint and details for the giveaway!

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