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Teachers need Teachers with Kim Lepre

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Hey, new teachers, are you feeling overwhelmed this year? Are you hoping to finish the semester strong? Listen in on this episode featuring Kim Lepre, where she gives some advice for new first-year teachers. During this chat, Kim Lepre shares her teaching journey from music major to current English teacher and everything in between. She shares her love and passion for supporting new teachers in the field. Kim is a leader in the area of supporting new teachers. She shares advice and tangible tips for beginning educators.

Here are some tips shared:
  • Remember your why

  • Don't compare yourself to others.

  • It's not about controlling kids - it's about ENGAGING students

  • Get into a routine and schedule all of your time

  • Be purposeful with your time

  • Be there for your students

  • Start with relationships

  • Rethink curriculum and pacing (what is crucial?)

  • Rethink how you engage with your students online

  • Get connected with other teachers online

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