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Techy Turners' 10 EdTech tips for Student teachers

Updated: Mar 5

Hello EduMagicians, welcome back to another episode of the EduMagic podcast. Today, I have Rodney Turner with me. You may know him as a techy-turner over on Twitter. Rodney will lead us down the right path to thriving during student teaching. Let's jump right into some tips and strategies for student teachers.

Teaching journey
  • He started his college career in programming and found that he enjoyed teaching children and wanted to help others.

  • He wants to instill in students to be a child explorer like he was

  • He always shared his knowledge and brought others along in his journey of learning and growing.

  • He became the computer tech for his high school.

  • Rodney wanted to teach people how to use computers, not program them

  • He taught in the classroom for eight years

  • Currently, Rodney works with Classlink, which is a single sign-on portal. You have all of the applications on one page. Just one click, and you are in! For young learners, classlink has a quick card to access the content.

What can student teachers be doing now during the summer to prep for student teaching when it comes to using edtech?
  • Research the tech of your school/district.

  • Get the curriculum you’ll be using and find out how the curriculum uses the district tech.

Techy turners 10 edtech tips for student
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What are your 10 edtech tips for student teachers
  1. Be open to change - You never know when your tech may go down or not work as you think it will.

  2. Be open to sharing - The methods you discover will help others overcome similar issues they have. You have a brilliance that others may not have thought of! You have a method that others may benefit from. You never know until you share it. You can share with your PLN - on FaceBook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

  3. Be open to walking away - Tech will become overwhelming. Balance your life so you will not become burned out. Take time to do something that fuels your heart! It would help if you recharge to bring your mind back to focus.

  4. Be open to seeing - You will not know how to use the tech. Students will show you alternate ways. Be open to what ideas they have. Be open to hearing their voice.

  5. Be open to closing - When the tech complicates the task, be ready to put it aside.

  6. Be open to trying - You will see many tech methods/ platforms. Try a few of them first. Try something that works for you. Take steps towards learning new tools and trying out something new. Try out Edublogs, Peardeck, Nearpod, Flipgrid, and Wearable tech.

  7. Be open to waiting - You will be tempted to move to another method. Waiting to let the tech method develop will further your understanding and knowledge base.

  8. Be open to thinking - Take the time to think through the methods you want. Do your best to complete the task as a student by identifying the barriers you may encounter. Work through the task the way that a student would.

  9. Be open to crying - You will have times you want to cry because it doesn’t meet your expectations. Embrace it, and then let it out in tears—especially you men.

  10. Be ready to learn - You never know what will happen. Take those times to learn and open that box. It will help you see, think, try, wait, and share.

Connect with Rodney Turner

Get in touch with Rodney via Twitter @techyturner Father | Explorer |Connector | Blogger |Podcaster |Project Manager at #ClassLink

Voxer: @TechyTurner

Let your edumagic shine!

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