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Tips to Survive “Teacher Quarantine” for the pre-service educator featuring Crystal Law

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Hello, edumagicians,

Today I have with me Crystal Law who teaches future teachers at Broward College in Florida. During our chat, she shares 5 strategies to help student teachers to survive and thrive during teacher quarantine. The five tips are: get your edtech certifications, pour into your PD, update your digital portfolio, study for your certification exams, and get to know your state standards. Check out for bonuses!

Tip 1: Take advantage of the edtech certifications

There are so many edtech companies out there that want to partner with you! You get to learn an edtech tool in depth and connect with a community of educators. What can be better than that! If you are interested in being a teacher ambassador for an edtech company search site or reach out to them on social media. A few edtech companies to check out include:

Tip 2: Professional development opportunities

Many professional organizations eliminated or reduced membership costs during this time of need. These organizations provide you with up to date journals, webinars, and a community of educators for you to join and contribute to! Check out

A few resources for professional development

Tip 3: Update your digital portfolio

Ms. Law was speaking my love language when she shared about the importance of updating your digital portfolio. Now is the perfect time to reflect upon your portfolio and add to it! You know you did some eduawesome stuff so add it in there. For a quick review of digital portfolios check out: 💡Fecich tip combine tips 2 and 3 by reflecting on areas in which you glow and need to grow. Think about areas in which you may be needing some more professional development then go out and find a webinar, podcast, article, or course related to that area.

Tip 4: Study!

I know, I know we went there! You need to make time in your schedule to study for your certification exams. Many state