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What I Look for as a Student Teacher Supervisor

Updated: Mar 13

As a supervisor for student teachers, I hold a unique and important position that allows me to shape education's future by guiding aspiring teachers' minds. When evaluating student teachers, I focus on two key factors. I can provide valuable feedback to help the student teacher improve their skills by assessing these factors.

Understanding of the Curriculum

When evaluating student teachers, I first look for their curriculum comprehension. It's not just about having knowledge of the material but also being able to deliver it in an interesting and impactful way for the students. This requires a deep understanding of the subject matter and its alignment with the curriculum.

As an educator, it’s not enough to know the content and how to deliver it; you also need to understand your students to engage them in the learning process. Every student has unique learning styles, interests, and backgrounds. Therefore, getting to know your students is crucial to tailor your teaching methods to suit their needs and interests better, keeping them engaged and motivated. This might involve adapting your lesson plans, incorporating different teaching strategies, or simply taking minutes before or after class to connect with each student. By building strong relationships with your students, you not only enhance the learning experience but also create a supportive and inclusive classroom community.


Adaptability is a crucial factor that I consider when evaluating a good teacher. The classroom environment is constantly evolving, and a skilled teacher must be able to modify their teaching approach and methods to suit the changing needs. This may include improvising lesson plans when a particular teaching method isn't proving effective or adjusting their teaching methods to cater to the diverse learning requirements of students.

Being adaptable also means embracing new teaching tools and technologies. Teachers must incorporate technology into their teaching methods in today's technology-driven era. A student teacher who is open to learning and adapting to new technologies is prepared for the modern classroom.


As a teacher, being professional is an essential aspect of your job that can positively impact your effectiveness. It's all about how you interact with your students and colleagues, your appearance and attitude, attending professional development opportunities and IEP meetings, and how you communicate. As a professional teacher, you should seek out opportunities to learn and collaborate with others to enhance your teaching skills.

Having excellent communication skills is vital for effective teaching. You should communicate your instructions and feedback to your students, parents, and colleagues clearly and concisely while being open and honest. Developing trust and respect through communication is fundamental to being a professional teacher.

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