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What's your moonshot?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

On Monday, I had the pleasure of attending the TRETC 2021 virtual conference. I attended and presented at an event called Lunch with an Author. During this conversation with fellow teacher-authors Justin Aglio, Mandi Figlioli, Rachelle Poth, and myself, we shared about our books and what inspired us.

Justin Aglio shared one project that inspired me - the moonshot project. The readiness institute developed this project at Penn State. "The Readiness Institute at Penn State, in collaboration with Global Moonshots in Education, is collecting messages of hope from students, educators, and members of the global community and then sending those messages to the moon to create a lasting reminder that the hopes of today can become the reality of tomorrow."

My moonshot is "... anyone who wants to be an educator has the means to do so. Raise kids to be educators to shine a light on the life-changing work teachers do daily - virtually, hybrid, and face to face."

I wanted to share the opportunity to share your moonshot with the world so that when you look up at the moon, you know what a little bit of you is up there too!

What is your moonshot? Submit your response here:

Share your response in the comments below!

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