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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

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During episode 29 of the EduMagic Podcast, I interview Hannah Turk co-author of EduMagic Shine On: A guide for new teachers releasing in November. Hannah wanted to be a teacher who impacts others, and she did just that during her first year. Hannah Turk shares that she had a challenging first year of teaching she grew in her learning about herself and as a teacher. She had her ups and downs and three years later is able to reflect on her difficult year. She shares how she saw some of the negatives as positives and growing opportunities.

PLNs for everyone!

Hannah Turk goes onto share the importance of mentorship during the first year of teaching. She discusses the importance of having a professional learning network that is made up of two parts: first-year teachers and experienced educators. In addition, she shares about the importance of having a virtual professional learning network and specifically speaks to #NT2T as a resource of encouragement and motivation for those tough days.

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EduMagic Shine On: A Guide for New Teachers

The idea of the book was born when we are hanging out discussing my first year which was very difficult due to several challenges - physical, emotional, educational, etc. She goes onto share how she overcame some disappointments that came her way. It was worth it go through whatever you went through because you grew.

Not only do we share personal experiences and stories throughout the book but we also have spaces for reflections, checklists, practical advice, tips, strategies, throughout. It has all of our unique perspectives and each chapter has a different important message about the first year of teaching.

Advice for graduates entering their first year
  • You can do it. You have a foundation of education - trust it.

  • Your education gives you the tools, but your experience shows you how to use them.

  • You have so many tools in your toolbox but as time goes on you will learn how to utilize each tool effectively.

What first year teachers will get out of this book
  • Feel refreshed and re-energized

  • Feel seen and encouraged

  • Feeling that you are not alone

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