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10 Things To De-Stress As An Education Undergrad

Updated: Oct 26, 2022


"Are you feeling tired, rundown, listless? Do you poop out at parties?" - Lucille Ball says it best in this episode of the I Love Lucy show, called Lucy Does a TV Commercial. She claims the answer is to take a tablespoon full after every meal. But we know that this is not an advised way to destress.

But seriously, are you feeling overwhelmed this November? Maybe you have a big exam coming up or are feeling bogged down with your schedule. Then you need to check out these top tips to destress by Kathryn Debois. I met Kathryn Debois on Instagram; she is all about preservice teacher well-being.

It’s okay to take an hour for yourself every day. This hour will go a long way.

Being an undergrad in college is stressful enough. You have to manage school with social life, being away from home, the pressures of the outside world, and more. Being an undergrad in any education major adds a new layer of stress to the undergrad experience. It raises the question, "How does an education undergrad de-stress?"

Here are 10 things that I do to de-stress.

As future teachers, we are thrown into this amazing field with early morning placements, the pressures of being a teacher, and late classes. This means long days and a lot of stress

1. Invest time in hobbies

Find something you love to do that makes you happy, whether it’s baking, playing a sport, writing, or whatever. I love writing, so I journal to de-stress, which does wonders for me.

2. Talk to people about your feelings

Whether it’s your friends, family, or therapist, whenever I express my feelings to someone, I feel that this weight has been lifted off my shoulder. It’s not good to keep feelings bottled up because they’ll fester, and then someday, you’ll explode. Not a pretty picture. So chat with someone over coffee or tea and talk with that person.

3. Have fun with your support system.

When I’m away at school, my friends are my support system. There have been days when I would hang out with my friends after having a terrible day, and it would turn around. Seriously, my friends would make me laugh on days when I didn’t know it was a possibility.

4. Get sleep!

Living on caffeine and fumes is easy for a college student. Don’t do that! Getting appropriate amounts of sleep has been shown to reduce stress. Trust me. I always feel happier the next day when I go to bed before 10:00 pm.

5. Remember to eat!

This may seem silly, but it happens. It is so critical that you eat your fruits, vegetables, and other nutrients when you're stressed. Not only will it help you de-stress, but it will keep your body functioning! You kinda need that.

6. Keep a schedule!

I find that I’m more productive and less stressed when I'm on a schedule. If I budget my time to do certain things, I get those things done, and I’m happier. I get this sense of accomplishment from not procrastinating.

7. Treat yourself.

I love a good night where I self-indulge in my favorite things. The way to my heart is either Mcdonald's or Dr. Pepper and Cheesecake while watching the Bachelor/ette or a good romance movie. These nights are truly so much fun. So self-indulge, whether taking a nice long bubble bath or eating chocolate ice cream.

8. Exercise

Get out those frustrations through a workout! Studies show that when you work out, you release endorphins, which make you happy. Plus, I find working out fun and increases my self-confidence, thus making me less stressed.

9. Spend time outdoors

I genuinely love spending time outdoors. Whenever I am outdoors and away from my phone for a certain amount of time, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It helps de-stressing a lot.

10. Go to clubs!

I love being involved in things at my school. Meeting new people who share similar interests. It helps distract me from my life. I’ve met a lot of my good friends through clubs. Here’s the thing, don’t overextend yourself and join too many clubs. This can cause you to get overwhelmed, and that isn’t fun.

Here are my top 10 ways to de-stress as a preservice teacher. I find these things to be incredibly helpful when I am stressed out. Although learning how to be a teacher is great, it’s nice to step out of that persona now and then and enjoy the world beyond that.

Meet Kathryn DeBois

I am Kathryn DeBois, a Junior at the University of Delaware, where I am studying Earth Science Education. When I am not in a class preparing to become a teacher, I am either writing or spending time with my friends. If I am writing, I am probably writing for my blog Days with DeBois. This blog is centered around my journey into adulthood. That journey encompasses my journey to becoming a teacher and other things that any 20-year-old may go through. Find me on Twitter and Instagram


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