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Easy Classroom Management Strategies for Elementary Grades

Hello EduMagicians,

Welcome back to another episode of the EduMagic Podcast. Today I have Shanimarie Ogilvie sharing classroom management strategies you can implement immediately in your elementary classroom. For Shanimarie, teaching is a calling. She has been in education for the past 15 years. Shanimarie has done all sorts of roles in education during those years. From classroom teacher to coach and everything in between.

Classroom management is comprised of different parts, including

  • managing student behavior

  • ensuring that students are physically safe

  • making sure that students are socially and emotionally safe in your learning space

  • managing the physical part of the classroom

Building relationships is essential, but classroom management is not the end-all. Don't forget about the role that parents play in classroom management.

As a new teacher, it's essential to think through procedures and routines. For example, think through the following routines and procedures:

  • Entering the classroom

  • How will students interact with you during instruction?

    • What about independent instruction?

  • Exiting the classroom

  • Dismissal

  • Helpers or jobs

  • Papers

  • Assignments

Having a plan to show how you will teach, reteach, and reinforce the routines and procedures is essential. Go over the routines with your students. Write a plan that clearly defines what you will do.

Go beyond the clip chart for behavior management. For example, try doing an emotional check-in with students in the morning. By doing check-ins, Shanimarie was able to help students regulate their emotions. Take student behavior on a case-by-case basis. You may need to step back as a teacher regarding student behavior. It's important as the teacher to keep into account your behavior.

Shanimarie shares that her number one tip for a new teacher is to have a teacher friend that you can trust, a critical friend. You must know as a new teacher that classroom management is an area we all work on throughout our careers as teachers.

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