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EdTech for Instruction

Updated: Mar 5

I will be sharing educational technology tools across the Danielson domains – These tools are a curated list from preservice teachers at Grove City College. Each group was assigned a specific Danielson domain, and they identified a tech tool that fits into the Domain to justify why it’s a good fit for the specific Domain. Let’s dive in – here we go!

Domain 3 is the heart of the framework. Within this domain, we must engage students in learning and instruction. It pulls in teaching features such as assessment, communication, and being a flexible educator of excellence.

  • Screencast-O-Matic: Use this tool to record a lesson or presentation using this extension. Easy to share and embed in your class website or LMS.

  • Padlet or Jamboard. This edtech tool is one of my favorite tools to engage students in learning. Think of a padlet as a virtual sticky note board. Students add their comments to a question, links, pictures, and videos to a sticky note. It is an excellent tool for an anticipatory set or notes out the door!

  • EdPuzzle or Playposit: This tool is fantastic for flipped learning. If you want to ensure students listened to or watched the video before class – assign it using one of these tools. You can embed questions or reflective pauses to let students digest the information. Embed it into your LMS or website, and boom, and you got an assignment and assessment in one!

  • Kahoot or Gimkit or Socrative: These two tools offer fun ways to incorporate a formative assessment. Who doesn’t love a review as a way to gauge what students know before teaching a topic? Get students on the edge of their seats with these tools. Or have them work together to collaborate using Team modes.

How do you engage students in learning?

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