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Get organized future teachers!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Let's get organized for the fall semester! You might be thinking, "Why do I need to start thinking about getting organized now? It's August!" Well, I want to help you get organized now so you can start immediately. Let's hit the ground running with these first three organization tips. So, channel your inner Amy from Brooklyn 99, and let's get organized!

So, what can I do this August to help me organize this fall?

Use a digital calendar to schedule your courses and coursework.

  • Think google calendar or office 365

  • Buy digital student teacher agenda

  • Buy digital future teacher agenda

  • Schedule where/when/ what each class is and how long it takes to travel to class.

  • Schedule buffer time for travel from place to place.

  • Color code your schedule.

Look through syllabi and order books for classes. Check out Amazon textbook rental

  • Check out Amazon textbook rental

  • Look through groups online that might have used textbooks

  • Check out your college/university bookstore

  • Make sure you have the correct edition.

Write into your schedule time for meals and self-care.

  • Schedule time for meals with friends

  • Self-care is also important - journaling, walking, exercising, and making time for yourself!

Resources mentioned in the show

August 31 day get organized challenge - A new challenge each day for August to get you ready for the fall semester.

I want to help you get organized with these digital downloads ready and done for you. Download and edit the following digital agendas in Kami or your PDF editor of choice. If printing is your style, you can print these pages and use them that way too!

Buy digital student-teacher agenda: We combined organization and time management by providing a variety of forms to document rosters, student grades, seating charts, and so much more! We also included areas for goal setting and reflection throughout the academic year. The following pages include:

  • student teaching checklist

  • the cooperating teacher and university supervisor's contact info

  • class roster pages

  • class schedule pages: Monday-Sunday

  • lesson plan templates

  • monthly calendars

  • forms and documents cover page

  • materials and resources cover page

  • grade book

  • classroom procedures and policy reflection pages

  • standards cover page

  • weekly reflections: weekly prompt, log, and notes page for 14 weeks of student teaching

  • professional development log

  • notes pages

Remember you have the edumagic in YOU!
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