How to research a school and find a good fit for you featuring Hunter Flesch

Updated: Jun 27

Hello EduMagicians,

Welcome back to another episode of the EduMagic podcast! Today we have Hunter Flesch from the Ed Essentials podcast, and we are discussing how to research a school during the interview process to find a good fit for you as a teacher. This episode is packed with excellent resources for researching a school, along with a few questions to ask the interview panel during your interview. But first, Hunter shares his teaching story. Then he goes into how to research a school, how to go beyond the mission statement, and the importance of being patient!

How to research a school

Stand out during the interview; one way to do this is by researching the school!

  • Review the mission statement and see how you resonate with the values and mission statement.

  • Can you show these ideas in your cover letter or resume?

  • How does it align with your values?

  • Ask the panel how they live out the mission in their school or district?

  • What is the size of the school?

  • What is the diversity of the staff?

  • What are some initiatives that are happening in the school?

  • What are they posting on social media?

  • What is the strategic plan of the school? Where

  • Be nosey on social media and turn on notifications for that school or district!

Go beyond

Go on a visit and get the vibe of the school!

  • Just ask for a school visit. It is ok

  • Take a school visit!

  • Meet potential colleagues

  • Walk around the halls and check out the building

  • Have conversations with administrators

Be patient

Be patient with yourself to find the right fit for you

  • Make a list of your nonnegotiables - what do you want from a school?

  • Where do you want to be as a teacher?

  • What is your teaching philosophy? Understand it deeply, and how does it align with the district?

  • How are you going to be supported as a new teacher?

  • What are the roles of new teachers?

  • What is a mentorship program at the school?

Hunter ends his interview by sharing one thing we wished he knew during student teaching before we began as a first-year teachers.

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