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How to stand out from the stack of resumes

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Welcome back, EduMagicians, today with me, Charles Williams. He is an educational leader and shares tips for you to stand out from the stack of resumes when you are in job search mode. This bonus episode is brought to you by the digital course interview 101 teacher edition. Here we go!

Episode takeaways
  • Use a QR code to show and share a story - it allows readers to learn more about you and shows off your tech skills. It also shows that you go above and beyond.

  • Create an introduction video with an Animoto or adobe spark.

  • The teaching interview process varies from school to school.

  • As a teacher candidate, you must also get to know the school culture.

  • Treat EVERYONE well

  • You are on an interview from when you leave your car until you get back in it at the end of the day.

  • Spend half a day or observe during the day at a school in which you are interested. Try to be a part of the school day to see if this is a school that is a good fit for you.

    • How do you ask for an observation - be direct and send an email. You can take this approach, "Hi, I'm interested in a posting at your school. Before I apply, I would like to observe your school. When is a good time to stop by and observe for a day or half-day?

  • If you have a contract - you should be excited to sign it!

  • Ask questions to the panel

    • What is working in the school?

    • What is not working in the school?

    • Why are you teaching here? What keeps you coming back to school each day?

  • What is one piece of advice for new teachers? - Things may not go according to plan, and that is OK.

Resources mentioned in this episode
Get this freebie is full of teaching goodies - interview roadmap, resume hacks, and 5 common interview questions.
This is just a sample of the interview goodies that you can find in the Interview 101 teaching edition course.

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