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Interview 101 Teaching Edition Part 2: Your questions answered

Updated: Mar 13

Hey Edumagicians,

During this podcast episode, I sit down with Candance Green, and we talk about the teaching interview questions you submitted on our Instagram story. Before we jump into the questions, we share our teaching interview stories - they are not meant to scare you but to show you, hey, we got through the interview process (many times) and look where we are today. We all get nervous and anxious about interviews - we all go through it - but we CAN do it.

Here are your questions from Instagram answered live! If you like our discussion, check out the Interview 101: Teacher Edition Course!

1. Question: How long should we wait to follow up after an interview?


  • Follow up with a thank you card immediately to each person on the interview panel.

  • Ask before you leave who to follow up with and their email address.

2. Question: After researching the school, how can I personalize my cover letter for that job?


  • Find out who the cover letter will be addressed to that specific person.

  • Mention the school in the cover letter.

  • Mention something specific about the school that is of interest to you.

  • CC resume and cover letter to the district leader and their administrative assistant.

3. Question: How do you ask for a different time if an interview time doesn't work for you?


  • Do everything that you can to be there on time. But if you have a prior commitment that is not flexible, let them know and ask!

  • Be polite and considerate.

  • Is there any other time available? I have _____ or a different time on that date?

  • I appreciate your help with scheduling this interview.

  • I want to be there, but I can't _______

4. Question: Fancy resume vs. traditional resume?


  • No picture on your resume; instead, use a QR code

  • Canva for education to create a template

  • Be aware of fonts and sizes, and add color to the resume! Try blue!

  • Update it!

  • A professional email address is needed on your resume.

5. Question: How do you answer the question - share your greatest strength and weakness.


  • Share your strength, then share a story about how you showed this strength

  • Don't say a weakness that you have as a strength, for example, perfectionism

  • Share how you are working on that weakness - what is your plan for working on this weakness?

  • Be a human!

6. Question: Common interview topics for 2nd and 3rd round interviews.


  • Know content related to that grade level and subject level posting

  • Know the curriculum that is being used in that school

  • Review the year at a glance

  • Know specific pedagogy strategies for that grade level of learners

  • How have you used edtech purposefully in the classroom?

  • Know the test scores for that district

  • Know the curriculum, scores, and demographics

  • How do you differentiate your instruction, content, and assessment for students?

7. Question: Help my student teaching was online. How do I answer any classroom management questions?


  • It's all about relationships!

  • Develop relationships at the beginning of the year. How did you develop relationships with your students?

  • Start on a positive note at the beginning of the year.

8. Question: Are digital portfolios used, yes or no?


  • YES! Show your story in your portfolio

  • If you are doing a virtual interview, link in the chat and share your screen

  • It is ALWAYS a positive thing!

  • Share it far and wide - add it as a QR code to your resume and put it in your bio on professional Twitter and Instagram.

9. Question: How do I stand out?


  • Ask a question about the interview panel

  • Ask one or two questions to the panel

10. Question: What do I say to school A, which offered me a job, while I wait for school B for a possible offer?


  • Be honest with the school about the situation

  • However, a school may get offended. If you feel strong enough and confident about the second school, wait and be honest.

  • You may have some time, depending on the contract.

This is just a sample of the interview goodies that you can find in the Interview 101 teaching edition course.

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