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Interview Tips

Updated: Mar 13

Congrats, future teacher! You just landed an interview with your dream school! Consider these ten tips as you prepare for the big day:

  1. Research the district: technology, extracurriculars, professional development opportunities, teacher retention, special programs, etc.

  2. Layout and iron clothes the night before. You do not want to feel rushed in the morning.

  3. Know where you are going and plan for traffic. If possible, drive before the day of your interview around the same time you will be traveling. If you cannot test the drive, consider traffic at that time of day. You do not want traffic or not knowing where you will rush you for a time before your interview.

  4. Arrive 15+ minutes early. You want to make yourself look good and look functional. Don’t forget to greet the secretary with a friendly smile when you arrive!

  5. Go in with confidence. Believe in yourself! You just spent the past four years preparing for your classroom. Or, maybe you have already taught and are looking to start another classroom chapter. Regardless, use your experience to the fullest.

  6. Have something to give. Have copies of your resume, tri-fold portfolio, and streamlined portfolio ready for interview day. If possible, know how many people will be expected at your interview. Have enough copies for each person in attendance. It will not hurt to have extra copies if someone joins in. Make sure each person has their resume and tri-fold portfolio. Have your streamlined portfolio available, and refer to these documents when applicable.

  7. Consider different scenarios: proactively managing behaviors, dealing with conflict, co-teaching, etc. You will most likely be asked questions regarding these topics and others. Think about possible scenarios and answers based on your experience—Prep yourself with possible questions and answers through a mock interview.

  8. Be open and honest. You may not have an answer to a question based on prior experience, especially if you are a new grad. Or, you may not know the answer. That is alright! Use those moments to highlight your willingness to learn and research the answer.

  9. Write down questions asked as soon as you get back to your car. Remember the questions and answers so you can prepare for other interviews and clarify any questions. Being reflective will help you improve your interview skills.

  10. Send a “thank you” within 24 hours. Ensure that you send a “thank you” to each person in attendance. Use this as an opportunity to reiterate a strength of the district and a personal strength of yourself and to clarify/elaborate (if needed) an answer.

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