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Interview 101: Teaching Edition Part 1

Updated: Mar 13

Hi EduMagicians,

It's the most beautiful (stressful, anxious, and fun) time of the year—it's interview season! In honor of teaching interview season, I am dropping two bonus podcast episodes about teaching interviews this week! This is an audio version of the Instagram live I hosted with Candace Green based on our course Interview 101—Teaching Edition.

We walk through the course and what you can find in it:

  • Where do I look for a job?

  • How do you research a school? What does it mean? What do you need to look for?

  • Application tips

  • Resume and cover letter strategies

  • Common interview questions

  • Mindset interview ready

  • Handwritten thank you letter tips

Some specific takeaways that I had throughout our conversation include the importance of the demonstration interview and the live teaching interview being student-centered, the power of asking questions after the interview, and the importance of following up like an educator of excellence.

During this interview live, we share tips for

  • During your second round interview, make sure your lesson is student-driven

  • When you are doing a teaching demo

    • Where are students in their scope and sequence?

    • What are the grade level and subject areas?

    • Where are students in their content?

    • Differentiation strategies?

    • Level of the students?

Questions to ask the interviewer

  • Please don't ask questions that you can find online on their site!

  • Engage them in conversation.

  • Ask a question about the interviewer or panel: What is your favorite thing about working at this school?

  • What advice do you have for a brand-new teacher?

Say, Thank you!

  • Get the names of the interviewers and send out a thank you letter

  • Use it as a follow-up piece

  • Make it personal

  • Get it out in the mail the same day

Get this freebie is full of teaching goodies - interview roadmap, resume hacks, and 5 common interview questions.

This is just a sample of the interview goodies that you can find in the Interview 101 teaching edition course.

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