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Interview 101 Featuring Fred Yeakey

Updated: Mar 13

EduMagicians, If you are a soon-to-be grad and on the job journey, you must listen to this episode featuring Fred Yeakey. Listen in on these teacher interview tips and tricks. We will explore common interview questions and answers, how to research a school and the one question you should ask the interviewer! During this episode, Mr. Yeakey shares standard interview procedures, typical interview questions (and great answers), and how to prepare for the interview with a list of dos and don'ts!

Common Procedures
  • School Districts, Principals, Department Heads

  • Experience vs. Exposure

  • Inexperience is a Gift that grows with Experience

  • Willingness to be flexible

  • What other areas can you contribute to make our school BETTER?

  • KISS -Don't overthink your resume

Common Questions
  • Tell us a little about you. What are they asking you?

  • What Experience do you have with classroom management?

  • Classroom environments MATTER

  • Why did you decide to become a teacher?

  • More interview tips can be found here.

Do's and Don'ts

Connect with Frederick Yeakey
Get this freebie is full of teaching goodies - interview roadmap, resume hacks, and 5 common interview questions.
This is just a sample of the interview goodies that you can find in the Interview 101 teaching edition course.

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