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It's never too late to get it all organized with Ryan Tibbens

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Welcome back, EduMagicians. Today I am with me Ryan Tibbens. Even though we are mid-semester, maybe you need some organization tips, and Ryan is the guy! During this episode, we discuss tips to help you stay organized. In northern Virginia, Ryan Tibbens is a high school English teacher, writing tutor, and podcast host. He enjoys working with students and generally focuses his classes on "big ideas," using moral and political philosophy, as well as anthropology, to frame most units and discussions.

Originally from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, he graduated magna cum laude from James Madison University with an English major and minors in anthropology and secondary education; he holds a Master of the Arts in Teaching degree from the same institution. Throughout his teaching career, Mr. Tibbens has taught every grade and level of high school English, plus public speaking, etymology, fundamentals of writing, and SAT prep. He was named "Most Valuable Teacher" in his fourth year of teaching and has since won his school's "Triple I" Award for innovation, instruction, and impact.

He has served on the executive board of the Virginia Association of Teachers of English and is a regular contributor to other committees and professional organizations. Here we go!

Even though we are mid-semester, maybe you need some organization tips, and Ryan is the guy! During this episode, we discuss tips to help you stay organized with the digital and physical space.

Episode takeaways
  • Get involved in and out of the classroom early and often

  • Try out substitute teaching

  • Tie together theory and practice into the application

  • Look for online auctions, Facebook groups, yard sales, estate sales, flea markets

  • Define your space for resources that you need access to for classes and teaching

  • Organize through clearly marked folders

  • Save your resources!

  • Save emails in folders and archive them!

  • Organize your to-do list with post-it notes!

  • Digital calendars - Google or Microsoft

  • Prioritize your list - not everything on your list is essential.

  • Practice self-care!

Resources mentioned in this episode
  • Trello - create cards that sync to calendars. Great for sharing and group projects!

  • Digital calendar tools

Connect with Ryan

You can contact Mr. Tibbens through his website or @ClassCastPod on Twitter and @ClassCastPodcast on Facebook and Instagram.

Ryan Tibbens operates the ClassCast Podcast (, an education podcast for everyone, not just teachers, which focuses on the big questions of education and seeks solutions for how we can improve the school.

He operates Tibbens Education Service & Tutoring, through which he supports students' literacy, writing, rhetoric, and test-taking skills and their college admissions goals.

He enjoys spending time with his fantastic wife, two beautiful children, two dogs, a cat, and a large garden; he also enjoys hiking, camping, attending concerts, playing guitar, and spending time with friends.

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