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Live from KDP Convo featuring Bobby Yeager

Welcome to another episode of the Edumagic Podcast! In this episode, I sit down with Bobby Yeager from Misericordia University to discuss strategies to help special education majors prepare for their student teaching and field experiences. Bobby shares valuable insights into the importance of collaboration with general education teachers and the use of innovative programs like Mursion to help students gain confidence and practical experience. She also provides tips for working with paraprofessionals, emphasizing the need for open communication and advocacy for all students.

One of the primary topics discussed is the importance of collaboration with general education teachers. This includes emphasizing co-teaching and inclusive practices, integrating strategies that benefit all students, and sharing a curriculum with different strategies for reaching all students.

Another topic discussed is how to prepare for IEP meetings and special education documentation. This includes using a program called Mursion for practicing IEP meetings with avatars, incorporating real-life scenarios with parents, general education teachers, and specialists, and emphasizing the inclusive nature of the IEP process and the involvement of general education teachers.

The third topic discussed is collaboration with other professionals in the classroom. This includes identifying the philosophy of the school and the type of inclusion model employed, strategies for working with paraprofessionals or aides in the classroom, and emphasizing open communication and shared expectations with all professionals as child advocates.

Finally, the use of additional resources for inclusive education is also discussed. This includes recommending Shelly Moore's five-minute tips for educators and encouraging strategies that benefit all students, not just those with special needs.

These topics provide a comprehensive overview of the preparation and strategies for special education majors as they embark on their student teaching and field experiences.

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