Pack your student teacher bag!

What do you pack on the first day of student teaching? So much to bring, so little time! Let’s begin with choosing the right bag. As always, you want to present yourself as a professional, so you will need a bag that reflects that. I suggest a crossbody satchel bag. Walking into your placement as a student teacher and wearing a backpack? Yeah, you could very well be mistaken for a student instead of the professional educator that you are! That would just be straight-up awkward!

Another good idea is to invest in an inexpensive tote bag it can help you lug in manipulatives and other materials that are needed. Also, grab a teacher lunch box! You might want to invest in a teachertote.

Here are some must-haves for every teacher bag:
  • Teacher mug and reusable water bottle - Choosing a mug and water bottle that you like is an easy way for students to connect with you. You might be heating up that coffee throughout the day and you want to keep your mug clean. So, I recommend finding a travel mug that is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • Throughout the day, have a few healthy snacks (trail mix, multigrain bars). You want to have a snack that will keep your energy up throughout the day and something healthy. Consult your school's policy on snacks from home and student allergies!

  • Student-teacher planner whether it is digital or printed

  • Blank lined notebook

  • Sticky notes or index cards

  • All the writing utensils - Pens, pencils, highlighters, sharpie

  • Hand sanitizer ( I love Bath and Bodyworks)

  • 2 face masks

  • Lotion

  • Small first aid kit – band-aids, cough drops, Tylenol (again consult school policy on first aide items)

  • Stain remover stick like a TIDE to go stick

  • Pack travel toothbrush/toothpaste, floss or floss pick, deodorant, chapstick, hair ties, and bobby pins.

  • Mints (Dr. Fecich fave is a wintergreen lifesaver)

  • Charger for phone and laptop

  • Laptop

  • Phone

  • Copies of an updated resume and/or business cards! You never know when a chance to network with a hiring principal will come around!

Bonus strategy - include a full change of clothes in your car just in case you spill coffee on the way into school or something happens during class.

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