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Show up! For your students, families of your students, and yourself!

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I am joined this week on the EduMagic Podcast by Diane Romo, who shares her teaching story and the importance of showing up each day for your students. We've got a lot of gems you can use in the classroom right away in this episode.

Here are ten strategies you can use today to make connections with families:

  1. Families play a crucial role in a student's life

  2. They are a vital part of the education process

  3. Families show up in many different ways.

  4. Children continue to learn from their families throughout their lives.

  5. Build a positive relationship with each student's family during the first week of school

  6. Send your families pictures of their children achieving success in your class

  7. Family members have significant knowledge of the community and, of course, of their children

  8. Keep a notebook of information from the families

  9. Don't let your past experiences with families dictate your interactions with them

  10. Get used to saying "families" or "grown-ups."

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