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The Stylish Student Teacher

Updated: Mar 13

Welcome back, EduMagicians. Today, Chrissia Baker from the stylish teacher is on the show. Get that credit card ready as we discuss how to dress like a professional educator! In this episode, we share some staple clothing pieces you need in your closet and how to shop on a student-teacher budget. Here we go!

Staples for you:
  • Black pants

  • Cami or under shirts

  • A-line skirt

  • Neutral color dress (black, gray, brown, tab, navy blue)

  • Button-up white shirt

  • Casual days - crew neck or polo

  • Teacher Tees like from the Wright Stuff Chics

  • Flats (Clarks)

  • Men's show Steve Martins

  • Accessories - you don't want to distract students too much

    • watch

    • either necklace or lanyard (you don't want too much!)

    • earrings

    • rings

Budget friendly resources
  • Go to the clearance section.

  • Ask for teacher discounts at the store

  • Online boutiques!

  • Teacher Style box - use code Stylish30 - subscribe 30 days for free.

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