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The new teacher's guide to overcoming challenges

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Welcome back, EduMagicians. Today with me, the editors and guest author of the new book, "The new teacher's guide to overcoming challenges." During this episode, we share our favorite chapters, takeaways from the chapters, and tips for new teachers. This book is so actionable to put into place and downloadable to get your hands on! We begin with Beth's, Anna's, and Leanna's teaching journeys. Here we go!

Episode takeaways

Research shares that out of 10 new teachers within five years, half of them leave the profession. How do we keep our great teachers in the classroom? This book addresses issues that keep new teachers up at night. We are all here to support one another in the classroom as veteran educators, administrators, and higher ed faculty.

  • Grab your copy here:

  • Use the code SAMNTG21 for 20%!

Resources mentioned in this episode.

  • Work-life balance

  • Feedback is essential for students and teachers

  • Connect with other educators

  • Go beyond your go-to strategies

  • Relationships first

  • Try new tech tools

  • Try out something new, like a strategy or method!

Connect with our guests

You can connect with the authors of each book's chapters as they list emails and social media there. You can connect with the editor and guest author here:

  • Anna -

  • Beth -

  • Leanna -

Grab your copy here:

  • Use the code SAMNTG21 for 20%!

If you enjoyed this episode, please tag me @SFecich on Instagram. Check out the books EduMagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers, EduMagic Shine On A Guide for New Teachers, and get your semester ready with the EduMagic Future Teacher Digital planner. Want to get started with your digital portfolio? Check out this self-paced, mini-course digital portfolio from scratch in one week or less. Find these and more resources for future teachers at

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