Three edtech tools that you gotta try out this semester featuring Laurie Guyon

Welcome back EduMagicians, today I with me Laurie Guyon. She is the Coordinator for Model Schools at WSWHE BOCES in Saratoga Springs, New York, and a trainer with NYSCATE. Laurie was named one of the NextGen: Emerging EdTech Leaders for 2020 with CoSN. She is an ISTE Certified Educator. Laurie is part of the first DigCit Institute Global Impactor Cohort. Laurie is a member of the NYSCATE Social Media Team and Volunteer Hall of Fame. Laurie is on the leadership teams for ISTETEN, ISTESTEM, and ISTEDSN.

Laurie has presented at many conferences, taught workshops at Skidmore College and with the Greater Capital District Teacher Center on integrating technology in literacy. Laurie recently completed her SBL and SDL certification and was an adjunct professor for SUNY Plattsburgh where she taught Digital Age Learning. You will learn about Laurie's teaching journey at the beginning of the show. Today, we are discussing educational technology with purpose. Here we go!

Episode takeaways
  • Keep learning something new all the time

  • Be a passionate life long learner

  • Failing forward - it's OK to show that you are NOT perfect - no one is perfect. Keep learning from your mistakes and reflect upon them.

  • Select a tech tool based on the learning outcome for your students.

  • Most of the time that you spend on a tool is on the front end - getting used to using it and how to use the tool.

  • Make connections with content and students' everyday lives as much as possible.

  • Learn with your students!

Resources mentioned in this episode
  • Nearpod - engage students with your presentations through checks for understanding. Allows constant feedback from your students. You can have it set up to go with the teacher or student-paced mode. Everyone is responsible for their own learning and has different pieces of content to engage with during the lesson.

  • Buncee EDU - Tool for students and teachers, alike to create. Have students show what they know in a different way. Students can share their content and record content too!

  • Kami and See Saw - Annotate PDFs and provide feedback to students.

Connect with Laurie Guyon

Coordinator for Model Schools and NYSCATE Trainer

WSWHE BOCES Saratoga Springs, NY

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