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Vision board for 2021

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Hey Edumagicians,

Today I have an excellent future teacher, Abby, who will co-write this post. You may remember Abby's post about reflections on 2020 as a preservice teacher. We are back and sharing the importance of vision boards.

What are vision boards?

A "vision board is a space where you can display your visions. This can be done through pictures, quotes, goals, and anything else to help YOU see and achieve a vision for your future. A vision board can display ANY vision you have for your future, big or small, and as many as you would like to see yourself achieve!

Maybe you are trying to make the Dean's next semester, create better classroom management, make 2021 the best year of your life, or all three! You can make your vision board unique and personal no matter what you are making your vision board for!

Why should we make one?

Vision boards can make an excellent post on your Instagram feed, but they have more meaning than that! Vision boards help you reflect on specific visions. They help you get your priorities straight and focus on what is essential for YOU to achieve. Taking the time to make a vision board can even help you eliminate distractions that may prevent you from reaching your vision. Once your vision board is created, it reminds you of the visions you are striving to achieve! You may feel defeated and stressed one day, but looking at your beautiful vision board can motivate you to keep working towards your vision! Most importantly, vision boards allow you to find your creative self!

No vision board is alike, so allow yourself to create one that screams YOU! Do it if that means adding color, glitter, shapes, or words! Make your vision board unique and meaningful to YOU!

How can we create a vision board with buncee?

Alright, break down how to create a vision board with buncee. First, head on over to buncee and get a free account.

  • Start with the template here.

  • Or create a blank page.

  • Title it

  • Select a background (we chose a bulletin board-type background) or search web images to create your custom background.

  • Add items to your page. Consider searching paper, notecards, pushpins, shapes, stickers, text, emojis, and more!

  • Make it your own by moving items around the page or layering items with text and other pics.

  • Preview your design

  • Could you share it?


Dr. Samantha Fecich shared a vision board template for the new year! I took advantage of working with the template and created a vision board that will help motivate me as an education major! I want this year to be a year of growth for me as a future educator, and this vision board is a perfect reminder and motivator for my goal! This vision board will be hung up in my college dorm room, and I will proudly look at it daily!

Meet Abby

My name is Abigail Azizkhan, and I am working towards a dual major in Early Childhood and Special Education at Millersville University! I have also gained experience with children by working at a developmental daycare!

I love my job, which makes me more excited about my future teaching career! Lastly, I love soda, swimming, music, and hanging out with friends!

Please get in touch with me on Instagram at miss. Abigail. azizkhan with any questions or comments!

If you love this post, please tag me @SFecich on social media and share! Check out the books EduMagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers and EduMagic Shine On A Guide for New Teachers. Get your semester ready with the EduMagic Future Teacher Digital planner. Want to get started with your digital portfolio? Check out this self-paced, mini-course digital portfolio from scratch in one week or less.

Remember you have the #EduMagic in YOU!
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