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What did we learn from 2020? Crossover episode with Charles Williams

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Hey Edumagicains,

Welcome back to another episode of the EduMagic podcast! Today I have a fantastic educator, author, and principal - Charles Williams. He is the host of the Counter Narrative Podcast. Charles is a father, husband, K-8 Principal, founder of CW Consulting, and host of @RealTalkEDU. During this episode, we share and jam on takeaways from this past school year.

  • We are not alone in this storm of online learning - Maslow over Blooms

  • Online and traditional teaching is different. We need to be mindful of pedagogy, strategy, and tools!

  • Access for our learners, families, and community needs to be forefront

  • Self-care is critical

More to come on our 30-day challenge about pushing back on education! Stay tuned in February.
Resource shared during our conversation:
Connect with Charles Williams

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