3 burning questions about student teaching answered!

Updated: Jul 28

Hey, edumagicians welcome back to another episode of the Edumagic Podcast! Today I’m goin’ solo on several things that you can do now this summer, to prep for student teaching this fall. First, a little pep talk.

Some of you might be asking yourself, “Am I really ready for student teaching What if this is my first time teaching students in a traditional learning experience. How do I know I’m ready?” Let me start by saying, you are ready. You can do this. You are going to do the best that you can for your students. If you weren’t ready for student teaching, the faculty at your college or university would not be putting you in this placement. You got this.

  1. What are some things that you can do this summer to prep for student teaching this fall?

Prepare your student teaching letter - https://www.sfecich.com/post/edumagic-episode-3-meet-the-student-teacher-letter he elements of a fabulous and informative meet the student teacher letter.

  • Teacher-friendly photo: Fun yet professional photo of you, and just you!

  • Teaching story: Share the reason why you teach. Why do you want to impact children? Why do you want to be an educator of excellence? Who inspired you to be a teacher?

  • Background: Think of this section as information about you such as family, where you are from, what you are studying, what you plan to do after graduation, do you have a specialization area or minor?

  • Fun facts or favorites: food, movie, restaurant, ice cream flavor, game, sport, etc. You get the idea, fun facts about you, or hidden talents.

  • Contact information: You may want to put a link to your digital portfolio. You may also want to put something like, "To contact me please contact (insert name of mentor teacher here)".

  • Sign it: End it with a signature and how you want to be addressed.

You can create your student teacher letter with canva or adobe spark. Consider creating a student-teacher letter for three different audiences - your students, your cooperating teacher, and parents of your students. Again the content may be the same but it will be addressed to different audiences.

Question 2 What is the school like? Dig into the district - Once you know when and where you’ll be student teaching, you’re going to want to do some preliminary research so you can be the most informed and prepared that you can be.

  • Bookmark the school district’s website

  • District calendar

  • District vision/mission statement

  • School/district policies

  • Faculty and student handbook

  • Social media profiles

  • School demographics

  • Review faculty profile

  • Which LMS is the school using?

  • What is new or innovative about that school or district?

  • Class/school/district newsletter

  • Which technology or LMS is the school or district using?

Question 3: How do I get to know my mentor teacher? Well, let’s start with some conversation starters with your co op because communication is key! Remember not only to ask the questions but also to answer the questions too!

  • Tell me about yourself and teaching story

  • What gets you excited about the teaching field?

  • What are the expectations that you have for me?

  • What are some ways that I can use the first few days to start building relationships for students?