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5 Essentials for your student teacher desk

Updated: Mar 13

It is essential to set yourself up for success by having an efficient workspace. Whatever space you have, you can make it your own with these five essential items, whether you have a table, a student desk, or a more oversized desk. So let's get into it. Here are five essential items for your student teacher's desk.

Five student teacher desk essentials

  • Organize yourself with bins - such as buckets or desk storage bins, to keep all of your materials and resources together. You can use a flat bin for assignments and student work. Consider having two flat bins, one for graded work and the other for work that needs reviewing.

  • Student Teacher Planner - Have your student teacher planner out and ready to use. Is it turned to the lesson you are teaching with post-it notes ready for reflection?

  • Name Tag/Plate - You can wear your college ID or a volunteer badge. You can also use a plastic badge holder and put one of this fun, free name tags you can edit with your name, student teaching placement, and university.

  • Personal items - Add a picture frame, a plant, a coffee mug, a water bottle, and stickers to make it your own.

  • Show student work - Display student work with a plastic sleeve and bulletin board border. It's a great way to show off and save what students make for you.

  • Office supplies - Get office supplies like Post-it notes, stapler, stapler remover, staples, stickers and stamps, paper, pencil holder, paper clips, pencils, highlighters, and pens.

  • Plant

  • Water bottle

  • Snack

  • Ipad/laptop

  • Student art

Congratulations to student teachers for reaching this educational milestone. Well done. Good luck.

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