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Student Teacher Bag Essentials

Updated: Mar 13

Are you student teaching in a few weeks? I felt all the feelings when I was ready to student teach (I won't say when).

  • Overwhelmed

  • Excited

  • Not confident

  • Disorganized

If you feel like you're going through many emotions, know it's OK. Student teaching is full of emotions.

During student teaching, I didn't know what I didn't know. It surprised me how important it was to organize all the materials I received from my student teaching placement. Are you wondering what to pack in your student-teacher bag?

When I began my student teaching placement, I had a three-ring binder filled with lined pages, a folder, and my clearances. I thought I was ready. What a mistake! First, I did not know how to organize my content.

The next problem was too much blank paper. Initially, I felt like I had to fill in everything and wasn't sure what I was observing. So many paragraphs later, I had little content to reflect on. I also had trouble organizing my lessons. I would first put them in order by subject, with the most recent one. I had trouble finding my focus and lesson for the day. Lastly, reflecting on my student teaching experience was something I didn't think about until the last week of the experience. Learn from my mistakes. Grab your copy of the student teacher digital agenda here.

What's in your student teaching bag?

  1. Teacher mug and reusable water bottle—You might be heating coffee throughout the day and want to keep your mug clean. So, I recommend finding a travel mug that is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Choosing a mug and water bottle you like makes it easy for students to connect with you. I enjoy travel mugs from Contigo or Yeti. These mugs are not microwave-safe, but they keep your drinks warm during the school day.

  2. Have a few healthy snacks (trail mix, multigrain bars) throughout the day. Consult your school's policy on snacks from home and student allergies! You want to have a snack that will keep your energy up throughout the day and something healthy.

  3. Blank-lined notebook paper.

  4. Sticky notes - jot down a quick note or a word of encouragement for your students.

  5. Grab pens, pencils, highlighters, and Sharpies in your favorite colors. Use them to add color to your notes and assessment feedback.

  6. Hand sanitizer and lotion

  7. First aid kit–band-aids, cough drops, Tylenol (again, consult school policy on first aid items)

  8. You don't want to go around all day with a 7:15 AM coffee stain on your shirt. So grab a stain remover stick like a TIDE to-go stick.

  9. A travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste, floss or floss pick, deodorant, chapstick, hair ties, and bobby pins.

  10. You don't want to go around all day with coffee breath. So pack some mints or gum. Altoids are outstanding and refreshing.

  11. You need to charge up with your charger, not just with coffee. Include a charger for your Phone and laptop.

  12. Laptop and Phone—Don't use your phone all day. Make a good impression by putting it in your teacher's bag and on silent. You don't want to be teaching a lesson and your phone rings or dings. That is stressful for you, your students, and your cooperating teacher. So, double-check each morning that it's on silent.

  13. Copies of an updated resume and business cards! You never know when a chance to network with a hiring principal will come around!

  14. Bring a complete set of clothes to change into (you'll thank me later) when you need them.

  15. Mask up—Always keep a mask in your bag. You may also want to put a few in your car, just in case.

  16. A school ID or badge lanyard. Can't hang your school ID on anything since it doesn't have a clip? Put a clip on your teacher's lanyard and hang a plastic badge holder on it. Student Teacher Name badge freebie

Friends, I wish you the best of luck during student teaching. Please tag me on Instagram with what you packed in your student teaching bag.

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