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Be a flamingo: Stand out during student teaching

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Are you student teaching or completing a field placement this fall? Are you wondering, "How do I stand out during student teaching" or "How can I make a good impression in my school with my teacher?" Well then, edumagcians, this one is for you! We are going to share how you can stand out from others in-crowd as a fantastic student teacher or field student. You got this!

Alright, I have to start by saying this episode was inspired by an episode of the Wild Kratts on PBS - my daughter LOVES this show. She loves to activate her creature powers, so edumagicians, let's activate our flamingo powers - with me so far? OK...ACTIVATE!

F -find time for you 🗓

  • Schedule the time for your fieldwork/student teaching

  • Pick up a copy of the EduMagic Digital Student-teacher planner

  • Pick up a copy of the EduMagic Digital Future teacher planner

  • Plan in time that you can show some self-love

  • Make time to eat and sleep!

  • Schedule for work and relationships

L - lesson plan 📘

  • Complete all of the required components

  • Plan with intention

  • Differentiate

  • Go beyond the textbook

  • Try new things

A - Appreciate the experience 🙌

Student teaching is a learning experience. You are a practicing student teacher - learn from it. Student teaching is the only time you will have a certified educator in the room with you that has your back, so take advantage of it.

  • Ask questions

  • Learn from everyone

M - make a mistake 💡

  • OK, this is going to happen. You will make a mistake (maybe 2, 3, or 10!) That is OK. You are still learning. So accept it, and let's move on.

  • You are going to make a mistake. Own the mistake, reflect upon it and learn from it.

  • You got this.

I - intentional relationships 💜

  • Build intentional relationships with

  • Admins

  • Cooperating teachers

  • Other professionals (specialists, therapists,

  • Students

Remember, relationships first - content second.

N - never give up - remember your WHY 🗒

  • Stop and reflect on your why - what got you into education? Why are you excited to enter the classroom each day? Pause and write it down - share it out! This concept will help keep you focused on days when it can be overwhelming, or you are wondering why you got into this job - focus on your why and keep it front and center.

G - get techy with it 🖥

Brush up on your edtech skills. Here are a few that I recommend:

  • Canva EDU

  • Teachermade

  • Office Lens

  • Nearpod

  • Store all of your learning in a digital portfolio

O - Observe with a purpose 🔎

During your first week or so, you will be doing a lot of observing, so make the most of it, but don't just go in with a blank notebook. Be intentional, meaning observe specific procedures, curriculum, rubrics, and professionals.

There you have it! Let's activate our flamingo powers today! If you enjoy this episode, take a screenshot and tag me on social (@SFecich)!

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