Be a flamingo: Stand out during student teaching

Are you student teaching or completing a field placement this fall? Are you wondering, "How the heck do I stand out during student teaching" or "How can I make a good impression in my school with my teacher?" Well then, edumagcians this one is for you! We are going to share how you can stand out from others in crowd as an amazing student teacher or field student. You got this!

Alright so first I have to start off by saying this episode was inspired by an episode of the Wild Kratts on PBS - my daughter absolutely LOVES this show. She loves to activate her creature powers, so edumagicians, let's activate our flamingo powers - with me so far? OK...ACTIVATE!

F -find time for you 🗓

L - lesson plan 📘

  • Complete all of the required components

  • Plan with intention

  • Differentiate

  • Go beyond the textbook

  • Try new things

A - Appreciate the experience 🙌

This is a learning experience, you are a practicing student teacher - learn from it. This is the only time you will have a certified educator in the room with you that has your back so take advantage of it.

  • Ask questions

  • Learn from everyone

M - make a mistake 💡

  • OK this is going to happen you are going to make a mistake (maybe 2, or 3 or 10!) That is OK you are still learning. So accept it and let's move on.

  • You are going to make a mistake. Own the mistake, reflect upon it and learn from it.

  • You got this.

I - intentional relationships 💜

  • Build intentional relationships with

  • Admins

  • Cooperating teachers

  • Other professionals (specialists, therapists,

  • Students

Remember, relationships first - content second.

N - never give up - remember your WHY 🗒

  • Stop and reflect on your why - what got you into education? Why are you excited to enter the classroom each day? Pause and write it down - share it out! This will help keep you focused on days where it can be overwhelming or you are wondering why you got into this job - focus on your why and keep it front and center.

G - get techy with it 🖥

Brush up on your edtech skills here are a few that I recommend:

O - Observe with a purpose 🔎

During your first week or so you will be doing a lot of observing so make the most of it, but don't just go in with a blank notebook. Be intentional meaning observe specific procedures, curriculum, rubrics, and professionals.

There you have it! Let's activate our flamingo powers today! If you are enjoying this episode take a screenshot and tag me on social (@SFecich)!