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EdTech for planning and prep

Updated: Mar 5

I am going to be sharing educational technology tools across the domains, the Danielson domains – that is! This list is from preservice teachers at Grove City College. Each group was assigned a specific Danielson domain, and they identified a tech tool that fits into the Domain to justify why it’s a good fit for the specific Domain. Let’s dive in – here we go!

Domain 4 is all about those professional responsibilities we face as educators. It relates to the power of reflection. Seriously, you need to reflect on your teaching practices. It saves lives – yours and your students. You don’t want to be that teacher who uses the same lessons each year. Liven it up, and reflect on your practice. Ask yourself, what is best for kids? What is best for my students? How can I reach them differently? This Domain also relates to professional development and growth as an educator of excellence.

Podcasts are PD in your PJs or your car – wherever you listen! I love to listen to podcasts on my way to work. It is professional development on my own time, related to topics I am passionate about. Want a few suggestions to get you started? Give these a listen:






Participate in professional organizations

  • Kappa Delta Pi

  • NEA Aspiring Educators

  • Teachers of tomorrow

  • Educators Rising

PLN (professional learning network)

Get a professional handle now! Twitter is where I go to learn all the latest and most excellent tools and techniques and how they use them in the classroom in practical ways. My PLN challenges me and keeps me engaged in education and learning.

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