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Live from KDP Convo featuring Colleen Duffy!

Updated: 7 days ago

In this episode of Edumagic, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Colleen Duffy, a special guest from Misericordia University. Our discussion revolved around the difficulties faced by student teachers in the classroom. Dr. Duffy highlighted the gap between theoretical learning and practical classroom practices, which can pose a challenge for student teachers. She also offered valuable advice on how to navigate this situation while incorporating current best practices. Moreover, Dr. Duffy shared three essential edtech tools that student teachers can familiarize themselves with before starting their placements.

The primary topic of discussion is challenges faced by student teachers, including the discrepancies between student teachers' preparedness and actual classroom settings, the importance of maintaining respect for cooperating teachers' environments and negotiating change in the classroom. Dr. Duffy encourages student teachers to imprint on the classroom and approach change respectfully and collaboratively with the cooperating teacher. The discussion also touches upon professional relationships and learning, emphasizing the mutual learning process between student teachers and cooperating teachers and applying theory in the classroom with respect and professionalism.

The second primary topic is utilizing edtech tools for student teachers. The discussion highlights effective formative assessment, the importance of formative assessment in making instructional modifications, quizzing, and polling tools for quick insights into student strengths and weaknesses. The conversation also covers engaging students through technology, encouraging technology to engage students, and utilizing learning management systems to provide access to educational content. Lastly, the benefits of computer-adaptive testing are discussed, including pre-assessing and addressing students' learning needs and tailoring instruction based on students' zone of proximal development.

The final primary topic is support and encouragement for student teachers. Dr. Duffy encourages student teachers to persevere through challenges and highlights the importance and rewards of pursuing a teaching profession. Please tune in to Edumagic to hear valuable tips and encouragement for student teachers as they embark on their teaching journey.

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