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Perfect intro email to your cooperating teacher

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Today we are talking about your perfect intro email. Whether you are student teaching or clinical or field, you are writing an intro email to the teacher you are working with for the semester. This email is your first digital high-five to your cooperating teacher, so make it positive and professional. You will find what you need in your perfect email intro, hacks to make it great, and an email introduction example.

You may want to include some highlights in your intro email to your cooperating teacher. Keep it positive and professional:

  • Your Name (First and last)

  • Pronouns

  • Area(s) of study

  • Name of college or university

  • When your field or student teaching placement begins/ends

  • Share your teaching story – why you want to be a teacher or who inspired you to become a teacher.

  • Teaching philosophies that resonate with you

  • Share what you like to do outside of classes.

  • Find out when is a good time for you to observe their classroom and meet in person. Consider including some dates and times that work for you.

  • You will also want to denote how long you aim to meet with the mentor teacher.

  • Share your contact information - preferred email address and phone number.

  • Sign the letter as the professional educator that you are

Some hacks to help you craft the perfect intro email

  • Write it in draft mode

  • Have another person read it over

  • Use text-to-speech to read it aloud to yourself

  • Drop the text into a doc to check for spelling and grammar

  • Write the email from your school or university email address (it's more professional)

  • Schedule it to send during school hours


Sample Madlib-style email

Good morning Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms. ________ (cooperating teacher's last name here),

I am _______(your first and last name), and I am your student teacher from ______ (college or university). I am excited to be working with your ______ (grade level) students this ______ (fall/spring/year). My placement begins ___ and ends ____. I'm looking forward to learning from you during this time.

I am very passionate about _____ (share what you are passionate about regarding education). I'm grateful to work with you and hone my teaching skills. Here is a little bit about me _____ (share information about yourself)

I would love to meet with you before my placement begins. I want to meet with you to _____ (share why you want to observe). What are some dates/times that work best for you? Here is my schedule if that helps for planning purposes:

(Your schedule information goes here). Also, I want to be as prepared as possible what paperwork do I need to bring to our meeting? Where is a good place to park once I get there?

Please reach me at ____ (cell number) or reply to this email. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

Sign the email as the professional educator; you may want to include your pronouns. For example, Sam Fecich s/her

Now what?

  • Start your intro email.

  • Brainstorm ideas you can put in your perfect intro email

  • DM your intro email to me on Insta - I would love to share it on social!

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