Tips for new teachers

Hello edumagicians, welcome to episode 32 of the edumagic podcast. Let's jump into the tips for new teachers. Here we go, in no particular order!

Take time for you

I just reread the book Juggling Elephants, it helps you get to your to-do list done. The author talks about being the ringleader of your own 3 ring circus. The gist is that you have 3 rings in your circus and each of those rings has different acts.

  • Professional ring for you it might be teaching or school. For example, you could have the different subjects that you teach or the committees that you're on or projects that you're working on.

  • Personal ring what are things you're going to invest in yourself. Put things that help fill you up as as as a person. Whether it be writing poetry, or listening to music, or bingeing your favorite show on Netflix, working out, or making time to meal prep or something like that you can put that in there.

  • Relationships ring this is where family, friends, loved ones come into play. This is where you put all of your personal connections.

Stay late or go in early

Either stay late or go or go in early and don't do both. Whenever I was a first-year teacher I would be in at 7:00 am I think school started at 7:45 am and I would leave at like 4:00 PM or 5:00 PM. Friends, please don't do that - pick one or the other. You don't want to burn out. By choosing one or the other then you're making time for relationships and you're making time for you as well. Bonus tip: When you go into school choose what you're going to work on for that time and prioritize your list of things you need to do and get them done.

Keep the learning going

Just because you have a degree or a diploma doesn't mean learning has stopped. Personal and professional growth is so important for you to become an educator of excellence. There are so many ways for you to engage in professional development. For example events at your school or school district, listening to podcasts, attending webinars from simple k12 or edweb, reading articles from Edutopia, EdWeek, or Chronicle of Higher Ed.

Finding ways for you to hone in on your craft and become better and better each day is what our kids deserve. For example, I went back to school while I was teaching and that was tough. Before going back to school I had a clear understanding of why I'm going back. I'm was going to be a better teacher and invest in myself. I was able to reach my students in new ways by learning more techniques and honing in on a specific area that I'm passionate about. It was really neat going back to school for my Masters of Education because I was able to incorporate what I learned directly into the classroom right away. Bonus tip: sometimes depending on the school district that you're in may help pay your way a little bit.

Remember just because you get a diploma or degree doesn't mean you're learning stops. It shouldn't stop you should always be continuing to learn.

PLN Connection

I am a huge advocate of having a professional learning network. Having a PLN has truly helped me become the professor I am today. I can connect with educators from around the world to find specific strategies and tools that they're using with their students in real classrooms. You can find other episodes related to this topic here:

With the support of a network, I can have my future teachers connect with educators from around the world that are currently in the classroom. They're able to see what actual teachers are doing in their classrooms at any time. It has been a game-changer in my class just for them to connect and learn from other people and they're able to bring their experiences into that classroom.

Let's recap
  • Take time for you, actually schedule it in!

  • Either stay late or go in early

  • Never stop learning

  • Connect with your PLN

Want 3 more bonus tips? Click here!

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Remember, you have the EduMagic in YOU!

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